Happy Father’s Day!





The past two weeks have been kinda crazy.  Memorial weekend the hubs and I did a two day disc golf tournament.  This was a doubles tournament, that means we played as a team!  Yea!  We lost boo!  Mostly my fault.  I let the word tournament get in my head and mess up my game.  I will work on this to get better.

We also celebrated our 20 year anniversary the week before Memorial day.  The hubs got a tattoo.  We show our love through ink!  He made the most romantic gesture possible.  He has never and I mean NEVER been the thoughtful husband buying me things I would love and treasure.  Sometimes it has been shoes, or sunglasses, or his Harley.  This year he went all out.  He woke up early to see me before I went to work and gave me this……

BRACLET gorgeous bracelet!  I was so stunned I did not say much.  Such thoughtfulness left me speechless.  I stammer and stuttered and ruined his day :-(.  He has never done such an amazing thing for me.  I know he loves me……with all his emotional and mental baggage I just don’t get the usual thoughtful gifts and special attention most girls would like.  I have learned to adjust and be happy with the little things.  This is a big deal to me.  Over the past couple of weeks we worked it out and he realizes how important this was to me. 

COLLAGE   The most important parts of me life!

I am still practicing yoga almost daily.  I am starting to participate in Instagram yoga challenges.  This is helping me meet new people and find healthier ways to be. 

With all that has happened this year my yoga, my dogs and my bracelet have helped to keep the year from being totally horrible.  Every day is a good day.  Every crappy yoga pose is a crappy yoga pose towards better yoga poses.

Thank you Clint for 20 in-cred-ible years together!  I love you!




Puppy Days

Before we lost Amber, the hubs and I decided to add a third small dog to the house.  This will give Minion someone to play with.  Unknown to us having an amazing puppy in the house helped to lift some of the depression we all have been feeling.  Chief, who is now my oldest dog, still growls at the puppy, however; he will also stand still and let the puppy sniff him.


This is Bugaboo.  I like to call him bugsy.  He is a Chihuahua.   He will be about as big as Chief so a little bigger than Minion. 

He has made me laugh more in the last 5 days then probably in the last 4 months. 

Minion is getting over his jealousy and they are starting to play.  Minion is a great big brother he will lay on the floor for Bugsy to crawl over and tug on.

Welcome to the family Bugsy!


Disc Golf Tournament

Clint and I played in our first Disc Golf tournament of the year yesterday.  The kids played as well, which makes it super fun.  Ashley and I were on the same ticket as we are girls and there were only 5 of us.  Clint and Pat played the first round together, second round Kory and Pat played together.  I really enjoy spending time with Ashley.

I played better than my last tournament which is all I wanted.  I am sunburned and sore.  All in all it was a great day.  As Clint said it felt good to get outside and do something physical. 8-9 hours outside in Olathe. We play in the same area as the sweet corn festival.

I actually took some pics yesterday, however; due to technical difficulties I am not able to export them to my computer.  Figures right?

Before the tournament started Clint was able to pick up his Harley.  You might remember his Harley from this story.  It has been in the shop for a few months continually causing problems for the mechanic.  They would fix this widget then this gadget would break.  It was a flood of phone calls it’s ready……nvm still under repair.  Last Saturday we went to pick it up and nothing but rain.  Clint did not want to ride it home for the first real ride in the rain….so we left it again.  Yesterday was the perfect day to pick it up.  We still have a few issues to work out with it but, we should be good to go for the summer.

This is starting out to be the beginning of a great summer.


Back to the Story

Where was I?  Oh yea my poor husband who is having all kinds of mental issues was getting jerked around by the medical field.

A few days after his last appointment with the counselor he was suppose to see the PA again, however; he forgot.  Happens to all of us at one time or another, right?  We get busy, don’t get the reminder call.  Things happen.  That office decided to leave Clint a nasty message that if he missed another appointment they would be letting him go as a patient.  He has been a patient of that office for over 15 years with one missed appointment and that is the treatment he gets?

About the same time I received that first bill for his services.  Everyone he has seen to this point is out of our network for my insurance.  The out of network deductible is $4000.00 per person.  My plan year just restarted as well.  That could be $8000.00 in 2016 alone.  We can’t do that. 

Monday morning I started calling around in the town that is in network.  I found Mind Springs.  He had to do an in-take to determine if he needed their help.  Clint took a day off work,  met with their counselors and found a place that will help him.  They gave him a case worker, who called him the next day just like they said she would.  If we lived in that area there are group sessions he could attend.  He has an appointment with a psychiatrists for June to refine his medications, no more PA with rude office staff. YEA!

He meets with his counselor once every two weeks.  She asked questions, like how are  you doing?  did you have a good week?  any new problems?  I attended one session and she asked for my input, my version of what has been going on.  She gives him homework to help work on his issues.

I am so very thankful that we have found a counselor who is willing to help.  We have been told this is a lifelong issues.  He could possibly be on medication for the rest of his life.  The counseling will take as long as it takes.  Getting my husband mentally healthy is my first priority. 

On a side note………………………..Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there



Today I take a break from our story to remember a wonderful dog.  Amber was with us for 12 years.  Long time for a big dog.  Unfortunately it is only 3 months since we lost our last girl, Bruin.  These last three months have been really hard. 

Amber was the chill dog.  Rarely got ruffled about anything.  Even at the end she loved the little guys and just wanted to be with me. 

I will miss you Amber.