Good Morning!   I just wanted to update you on Clint and how he is doing. 🙂

I am so amazed by this man.  He goes to his counseling sessions, does the homework the counselor assigns and is doing his best to become whole and mentally healthy.  The work is hard, the thoughts can be defeating.  I am so proud of him!



He takes his medicine, he goes to counseling, he wakes up every day and does it again.  This is what a real man does.

I am so very lucky I get to spend my life with him.  I believe I do not tell him often enough how important he is to me.  Or how blown away I am by his dedication to recovery.




Dj memorial.1

Yesterday was the 2nd annual DJ Memorial.  The hubs and I played last year…….lets just say we played.  This year though…..the hubs was +6 after the first round.  Let me also say that the first and second round was 23 holes as the young guys created more holes for us to throw.  WOOT!!! to the hubs.  Great job!   The second round was safari hard as h311. We finished and had a great time.


I did make CTP, closest to pin, on 3 separate holes if you make it closest to the basket your name goes on a flag and you get a reward.  Each of the three holes is a separate attempt.  I only made one of the attempts but, woohoo!!!!

CTP.1Isn’t she beautiful!


Even factoring in the safari round I had the best game I have ever played.  I came in second in the women.  Ok There were only three of us but still first time I have placed.

2ND place Prizes!!!

They give prizes for that shit!  Amazing!

We got to spend time with the son and his gf and the other son’s wife.  Great family time and great exercise.

Thank you boys for introducing dad and I to this incredible sport.  We get to meet wonderful people and stay connected to family.  Love you boys!


Yoga Challenge

This is my first yoga challenge I am hosting over on instagram.  If you are interested in learning more about yoga and healing mantras …….Join us!

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  • everyone! I am so excited to announce my next yoga challenge! Join us Sept 1-10 for #AsanasForRecovery. This will be a restorative and healing yoga challenge to spread awareness for September being “National Recovery Month.” We want to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrate those that are on their journey of recovery. Join us in celebrating these brave warriors that are working towards inner peace. Each day we will provide you with a pose that is beginner friendly and a positive affirmation. Participants must follow all hosts and sponsors and tag them in each of your daily posts to be eligible for prozes. And we have some pretty awesome sponsors!!
    Hosts:, @blogilates_take2, @healthygirlgamer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Sponsors: @EnjoyLeggings @HealthySouls @MrsKorellis @YogaforRecovery @KleanLife_apparel @PomGraphicDesign
    We would LOVE to have you all join us in this amazing challenge. We believe that we all have something in our lifetime to recover from, some things might not be as obvious as others. But, we are all on a journey to internal or external healing. Let us all fight for healing together!
    Are you in?


New Game

The son’s GF had a birthday this week.  Everyone got together at the other son’s house.  The grandkids enjoy playing Pokémon Go.  Although not as much as the parents :-).  All the adult kids play this crazy game.  The son’s house is an EZ zone?   The hubs and I both downloaded the game to our phones and let the grandkids go crazy.  When I left the party I was already a level 4 and I had not done a thing.

pokemon 1st pic First Pokémon picture taken with my phone. 

I have some questions about this game I need answers to

1. How do you get more pokey balls?  (yes that is a thing.)

2. Why is my house a dead zone?

3. What do I do with the critters after I catch them?

4. Do they level up as I level up?

Maybe the dogs will get more walking in with this game as we traverse the neighborhood.

Do you play?



Good morning loves!  Yes I took a few weeks off.  The hubs and I did lots of fun things I will try to condense down for you.

The a few days after the 4th was my birthday…..old as shit, yes!  The hubs took me to Ouray Colorado for the weekend.  We went hiking, walked the town as tourists, ate great food and generally just relaxed. 

The next weekend we went disc golfing with the son in Montrose.  Unfortunately we were not able to finish all 18 as his dog tore the pads on his paws.  Poor guy had to wear dog socks for the next week.

camping trip 2016

Last weekend we went camping…..for the first time in 20 years!   We went to a Disc golf tournament in Newcastle Colorado.  Small town yet was over 2 hours away.  The kids were all going camping so we borrowed the in-laws pop up and ventured into the wild.  We had so much fun.  Throwing discs, drinking beer spending time together.    That is what weekends are for.

I love my family and am glad the hubs is still here for our adventures!

The rest of the summer may be hit or miss as I want to enjoy the days with my family……I am sure you understand 😉


4 th of July Weekend


Enjoy your holiday weekend!  Keep your fingers and your pets safe!


My neighbors were still firing off firecrackers at 130 this am.  Mr. Minion and myself we wrapped together in a blanket while he shook and shivered.  My heart broke for his terror.

This will be a long weekend at our house with little sleep for me to make my little guy safe.


My View of the last 5 Years

This post is has actually been harder for me to write than all the others regarding Clint’s illness. 

He was never the most affectionate man, the last 4-5 years were even worse than before.  Rarely a kiss, never a hug.  Usually his “grumpy old man” mood.  He was angry about a lot of things.  Unfortunately I was the one he could grump about the most. 

He would get angry over other people’s driving skills and could rant for the entire drive about it.  Where other people parked their grocery carts.  What other people weigh.  I could deal with most of this as it was not directed at me.  He was never violent, just really, really angry.

But when he got to me………….

He would get angry over what I ate. How fast I ate (hey I work in a hospital and sometimes it is eat fast or don’t eat at all). That I ate.  Why all I thought about was food.  He would get so mad about my eating he would not talk to me for hours. Yes, most of his picking at me, as he says was about food.  Sometimes my attitude or weight, usually food. ( I hate food)  I could ask what was wrong and he would say “nothing” not looking at me or actually interacting with me. If we went to bed while he was still angry at me there was not touching or cuddling.  This seemed to happen many nights running.   There were so many of those nights over the last year,  when he would not even interact with me it got to the point I continually asked him why he was with me.  If he did not even like me why were we together?  Maybe we should divorce so he could be happy again.  I felt he did not like me, love me? sure, but not like.   Hard to live with someone who does not like you.

He would get mad if dinner took longer than 20 – 30 minutes to cook.  If I ate too fast.  If I snacked.  If I asked what he wanted to eat.  If I went to the grocery store on the weekend.  If I ate breakfast on weekends. 

It may not seem like much, however; if you think of how often you eat over 5 years.  This got me to the point where now  I will throw away food if he starts glaring at me while I am eating, who cares if I am done. All he has to do is get that look on his face and I know oh-uh I did it again.   Happy wife happy life bullshit – Happy husband stable life.  If we go out to eat I better stop eating when he does.  I try not to ask what he wants to eat more than once a day.  I do not bring up food, even if I am hungry, he still gets mad. 

I know the world is more obese than 30 years ago, I know I weight about 30 pounds more than when we got married.  I am only one person with my own flaws.  Him obsessing over my food habits makes me neurotic.  I probably did not need any help in that corner of my life. 

I am trying on my own to eat less, move more to be healthier.  Yoga is helping me to stay calm and centered.  Anymore I hate food.  I wish ………………..too many things.  Sad to say here I am at almost 48 and I wish food came in a little pill so I did not have this thing hovering over me like a gray cloud. 

If you made it this far, Thank you for reading. Sorry for rambling.  This has helped me,  to write what is going on in our lives.  I will continue to write as my therapy.  That and do yoga.  I am so not flexible.  Yoga is a true workout for me to get sorta close on some of those poses.

Thanks for listening!