Post Thanksgiving Review

Hello All!   Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

We had Thanksgiving at the house this year.  The son and his gf came for dinner and the other son and family came after dinner for a few hours.  It was a wonderfully relaxing day.  Unfortunately the gf had to work by 2 pm so she missed dinner.   Before she left we went to play a few holes of disc golf. 

Dinner was traditional, the hubs used the Traeger to cook the turkey.  I made bacon avocado deviled eggs, homemade cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts with bacon and of course stuffing.  I also had homemade refried beans with chips for snacking.  I tried to make the meal as healthy as possible with real ingredients. 

Everyone ate to the point of stuffed, or overstuffed.  The turkey was delicious even if a little big.  We purchased an 18 lb turkey that barely fit in the Traeger.  I have lots of leftover turkey.  

I so enjoyed spending the day with the kids.  The rest of this weekend has also been relaxing.  I do yoga every morning, and realized I need more flexibility and strength.  I am working on it…..slowly…. one class at a time.  I do wish there was more classes offered in my area so I could get pointers on form.   Oh well.   I am truly thankful for YouTube.

At Thanksgiving we need to give thanks for that which we have……..This year I am so very thankful to have my Husband.   Every day I am thankful for what we have gone through this year and happy he is still with me to enjoy life, get help and recover. 


What are you thankful for?



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