Bucket List

Last weekend Clint and I were able to mark off one item on our bucket list.  We have a friend in Chicago that we have played WOW with for 10 years and we wanted to meet him.  Well we accomplished that goal!!

I was so excited to finally meet face to face.  We also got to meet his brother, who we also played wow with, his beautiful wife and daughter.  It was an amazing trip! 

This was probably the first time we have flown in 8 years.  Lots have change.  I was amazed at the difference in airport security.   Here – get out all fluid containing products, put in separate bin, take off shoes… you know the usual.   In Chicago leave everything in your bag, leave your shoes ON, wait for the dog to sniff you.  Such two totally different experiences.

In Chicago we went to dinner at HopLeaf Bar.  Amazing food and an incredible beer selection.  The only drawback was it was dark and we are all getting to the point where my flashlight on my phone came in very handy :-).

We rode in an Uber, cab and a rental car you can get for only 4 hours.  We walked lots.  Had a Chicago hotdog, this is an experience, and visited the Willis Tower(formerly known as the Sears Tower). 

I am so blessed to have been able to do this bucket list item with my best friend, my love.

14601125_1221585257884478_3648023777384932438_n_002 My hubs at the Willis tower, out on the pure glass platform. 



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