Perfect Fall Day


Yesterday started with some Fightmaster Yoga for me, then some inversion work in the form of headstands and scorpion pose.

Spent some time in the am playing World of Warcraft.  Yes the new expansion has arrived and it is, at this time, the most fun I have had playing wow in years.

The hubs and I went to a local veggie stand for some end of year goodness.  Spaghetti squash were 3 for $1.00, talk about a steal, should have purchased more.  We also got a hubbard squash to try.  Had that for dinner last night and it was delicious!  Looks weird, tastes great.


We then went shooting with the kids. Guns and compund bow!  I shot the GF’s compound bow.  First time I have ever shot one, it was fun!  Hit the target on the second arrow.  The son brought a bird target for the pistols and I shot the hell out of the metal stand that bird was on.

Next was 9 holes of disc golf.  Discs, dogs, kids and beautiful fall weather equals fun!

To top of the day we had beer and a movie.

To me that was a perfect fall day.  Sunshine and videogames, family time spent together with enjoyable activities.

The hubs decided he wants to try Elk hunting this year, I agree as it has to be cheaper then trying to find any grassfed beef around here.  The cost of beef is amazing!

How was your Saturday!



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