Dj memorial.1

Yesterday was the 2nd annual DJ Memorial.  The hubs and I played last year…….lets just say we played.  This year though…..the hubs was +6 after the first round.  Let me also say that the first and second round was 23 holes as the young guys created more holes for us to throw.  WOOT!!! to the hubs.  Great job!   The second round was safari hard as h311. We finished and had a great time.


I did make CTP, closest to pin, on 3 separate holes if you make it closest to the basket your name goes on a flag and you get a reward.  Each of the three holes is a separate attempt.  I only made one of the attempts but, woohoo!!!!

CTP.1Isn’t she beautiful!


Even factoring in the safari round I had the best game I have ever played.  I came in second in the women.  Ok There were only three of us but still first time I have placed.

2ND place Prizes!!!

They give prizes for that shit!  Amazing!

We got to spend time with the son and his gf and the other son’s wife.  Great family time and great exercise.

Thank you boys for introducing dad and I to this incredible sport.  We get to meet wonderful people and stay connected to family.  Love you boys!



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