New Game

The son’s GF had a birthday this week.  Everyone got together at the other son’s house.  The grandkids enjoy playing Pokémon Go.  Although not as much as the parents :-).  All the adult kids play this crazy game.  The son’s house is an EZ zone?   The hubs and I both downloaded the game to our phones and let the grandkids go crazy.  When I left the party I was already a level 4 and I had not done a thing.

pokemon 1st pic First Pokémon picture taken with my phone. 

I have some questions about this game I need answers to

1. How do you get more pokey balls?  (yes that is a thing.)

2. Why is my house a dead zone?

3. What do I do with the critters after I catch them?

4. Do they level up as I level up?

Maybe the dogs will get more walking in with this game as we traverse the neighborhood.

Do you play?



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