Good morning loves!  Yes I took a few weeks off.  The hubs and I did lots of fun things I will try to condense down for you.

The a few days after the 4th was my birthday…..old as shit, yes!  The hubs took me to Ouray Colorado for the weekend.  We went hiking, walked the town as tourists, ate great food and generally just relaxed. 

The next weekend we went disc golfing with the son in Montrose.  Unfortunately we were not able to finish all 18 as his dog tore the pads on his paws.  Poor guy had to wear dog socks for the next week.

camping trip 2016

Last weekend we went camping…..for the first time in 20 years!   We went to a Disc golf tournament in Newcastle Colorado.  Small town yet was over 2 hours away.  The kids were all going camping so we borrowed the in-laws pop up and ventured into the wild.  We had so much fun.  Throwing discs, drinking beer spending time together.    That is what weekends are for.

I love my family and am glad the hubs is still here for our adventures!

The rest of the summer may be hit or miss as I want to enjoy the days with my family……I am sure you understand 😉



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