Puppy Days

Before we lost Amber, the hubs and I decided to add a third small dog to the house.  This will give Minion someone to play with.  Unknown to us having an amazing puppy in the house helped to lift some of the depression we all have been feeling.  Chief, who is now my oldest dog, still growls at the puppy, however; he will also stand still and let the puppy sniff him.


This is Bugaboo.  I like to call him bugsy.  He is a Chihuahua.   He will be about as big as Chief so a little bigger than Minion. 

He has made me laugh more in the last 5 days then probably in the last 4 months. 

Minion is getting over his jealousy and they are starting to play.  Minion is a great big brother he will lay on the floor for Bugsy to crawl over and tug on.

Welcome to the family Bugsy!



One thought on “Puppy Days

  1. Valarie says:

    Very cute face! We’ve got a puppy in the house as well. Not ours. Jesse got a blue heeler puppy the other day while they were in Grand Junction. His last dog died suddenly and he takes his dogs everywhere with him, to work and everything. Blue has no one to play with because Shiloh and Ted have their noses completely out of joint and won’t acknowledge him. He’s pretty cute as well, and seems to be very smart.

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