Disc Golf Tournament

Clint and I played in our first Disc Golf tournament of the year yesterday.  The kids played as well, which makes it super fun.  Ashley and I were on the same ticket as we are girls and there were only 5 of us.  Clint and Pat played the first round together, second round Kory and Pat played together.  I really enjoy spending time with Ashley.

I played better than my last tournament which is all I wanted.  I am sunburned and sore.  All in all it was a great day.  As Clint said it felt good to get outside and do something physical. 8-9 hours outside in Olathe. We play in the same area as the sweet corn festival.

I actually took some pics yesterday, however; due to technical difficulties I am not able to export them to my computer.  Figures right?

Before the tournament started Clint was able to pick up his Harley.  You might remember his Harley from this story.  It has been in the shop for a few months continually causing problems for the mechanic.  They would fix this widget then this gadget would break.  It was a flood of phone calls it’s ready……nvm still under repair.  Last Saturday we went to pick it up and nothing but rain.  Clint did not want to ride it home for the first real ride in the rain….so we left it again.  Yesterday was the perfect day to pick it up.  We still have a few issues to work out with it but, we should be good to go for the summer.

This is starting out to be the beginning of a great summer.



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