The next morning we got Clint into The Center for Mental Health.  They are located here in town, makes it easy for him to go before work.  The first day is intake day, it went well.  The second day he had an appointment to see his new counselor.  It was still more of the intake, that gentleman needed to know what was going on.  Understandable, you can’t help someone until you know what they need.  His next appointment was scheduled for two weeks later.  The counselor did suggest he see his primary care physician to get on some medication.  He was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

That afternoon we got in to see a new physicians assistant with his primary group.  They put him on some Effexor.  His next appointment with the PA was 10 days later.  The medicine started working within days.  He noticed the changed in his thinking patterns within 24 hours.  That is a miracle in my world.

The next two weeks went.  Our lives changed that day he confessed his problem to me.  I just want him better.  I know our lives will never be the same, however; I do expect the healthcare professionals he sees to help him make the recovery back to his new normal.  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently.

The next session with the counselor went downhill fast.  The gentleman was only interested in checking off boxes on his computer forms.  He did give Clint a rubber ducky to put on his waist to learn to breathe.  Do slow deep breathes whenever you feel anxious.  He did not ask if he had seen his doctor to get on meds.  Did not ask how the last two weeks went.  He kept watching the clock so maybe he Just wanted that hour over to get to the end of his day. 

The next appointment with his PA did not go much better.  The office staff was rude.  They needed his photo for their records and did not tell him why, just stand over there, scrunch down, don’t move.  Horrible patient care in my opinion.  The office recently hired a mental health professional.  While Clint was waiting to see the PA, this guy just walked into the room, introduced himself and asked if  Clint wanted to talk.  To an absolute stranger?  About mental health issues that already have a stigma in our world?  NO THANKS!  Get some professionalism.

Obviously this mental health journey is fraught with bumps and turns.  Just not really where you expect them.  Tell your family you love them, you do not know what is going on up in their heads.



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