Life’s Ups and Downs

I talked to the people involved and decided this may be cathartic for me, writing about what is going on in our lives.

Let me introduce you to my husband, Clint.  He is an amazing, hard working, loyal, loving man.  Unknown to any of us he has some mental issues.

Let me start back a few years, 20 + years(ha) this is my version of his story, what I remember most……. After he graduated from high school, Clint joined the US Navy.  He and his brother signed up and joined up together, hoping to get to stay together, that did not happen.  Boot camp was in San Diego, beautiful area but, he did not get to see much of it.  After boot camp Clint was posted to a ship to learn Master-at-Arms, police work.  During his first few months at sea Clint broke his left ankle, had to be airlifted off the ship and taken to Puerto Rico for surgery.  During his stent in the hospital his records were lost and he did not get paid for 4-5 weeks.  When he finally got his post in South Carolina his records still had not shown up so even though his cast was over 3 months old no one would remove it without records.  Finally his records arrived and his cast was removed.  Period.  No physical therapy to get the ankle better, nothing. 

Thanksgiving of 1990 Clint came home on leave, his mother introduced him to the woman that would change is life. Me!  Yes his mother was my boss and she introduced us.  We spent as much of that 10 day leave together, then he went back to South Carolina.  Our relationship built over daily phone calls and faxes for 6 months.  Spring of 1991 Clint was given an Honorable Medical Discharge from the Navy due to the lack of movement in his ankle.

After he returned home we moved in together and started becoming a family.  I was accepted into Mesa State College, we moved to be closer to school for me.  I got a great education in a field I have excelled in. 

Throughout our time together I have advanced in my career to the detriment of his Navy benefits.  Let me explain, any time Clint has gone to the VA for either healthcare or to get his card that proves he is a veteran they turn him down.  I make too much money they say.  How is that possible you ask?  He served his country you say?  Me too.  Every damn day I wonder how it is possible that because I-who did not serve- make enough money to support us he can’t even get the card that shows he is a veteran.  He can’t get discounts at stores that offer them to veterans without that card.  Talk about frustrating.  My income should have no bearing on his veteran status.

About 9 weeks ago, Clint’s mental issues just about came to a conclusion.  He planned his suicide and was in the process of following through when for some unknown reason he stopped.  I will be forever thankful for that unknown reason. 

When I arrived home from work he sat me down and told me everything.  We decided he needed immediate help.  HIs brother came to us, picked up Clint and took him to the VA for admittance.  I figured it would be a few days to a week before he would be back home.  Little did I realize it would be just a few hours. 

Again, even though he was suicidal and went into an ER that is legally not allowed to refuse someone in that condition, he was told the VA was unable to help.  I make too much money and he served during the wrong time period.

Despite the VA and their lack of action, my husband is alive today.  he is getting  the help that he needs, however;  that is a story for another day.  

If you made it this far, thank you for reading my story.  I am not done.  Check back soon to see how this adventure treats us.

Thank You!



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