Family Time

Last weekend my father and step-mom came from Texas to visit us.  They drove for 18 hours one way to spend 2 days here with us.  Talk about love!

They arrived Friday night.  The hubs and I took them to dinner here in town.  Then they went to sleep.  We met up for breakfast on Saturday morning at their hotel.  They got free breakfast with their room so just the hubs and I had to pay, that is a good deal when the food is good.  After breakfast we went to Montrose, picked up the kids and drove to Ouray for time in the hot springs.

When we arrived in Ouray it was cold and cloudy.  We walked around the town for a bit then decided it was not going to get any warmer and took the plunge.  My Dad does not like the cold so he did not get in the water, the rest of us enjoyed our time there.  It even started to snow on us!

We went back to Montrose for pizza! Then off to the bowling alley we went.  Two games of great fun with the parents.  Afterwards it was back to our house to visit for a few hours until they wanted to go back to the hotel to rest. 

Sunday we met for breakfast again, then off to Montrose to disc golf with the kids.  Dad and Dorene were great sports about being outside with us.  Maybe they will go back to Texas and find a disc golf course to enjoy as well.  We had lunch then back to our house to watch a movie. 

They were beat by the time the movie was over.

Their visit was wonderful!



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