Yoga for Troubled Minds

When life gets difficult I usually turn to exercise to help me.  That has always  involved weights and kettlebells. 

Currently I am  into Yoga.There is something about breathing and bending that pushes you out of your thoughts.   When I was a child I was in every dance class available ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics.  Yoga brings me back to that headspace and allows me to feel the wonder at what my body can and definitely can’t do.

As I mentioned before I was doing the Yoga with Adriene video series on YouTube.  Recently I decided to branch out and find other instructors all on YouTube of course…..

Yoga with Adriene can be easy and very good for newbie, the other two push you differently and with less touchy, feely.  Don’t get me wrong I love to push my body into strange and bendy poses.  I have a long way to go to be comfortable in most of those poses. 

The hubs and I are doing some yoga together and I believe it can only strengthen our relationship.  Also it is fun to watch him try to be bendy :-).

Yoga is helping me to calm down, breath deeper and relax.  I find that hour on the mat can be the most beneficial time of my day.  I am stressing less about things I can’t control.  When traffic gets me angry I do some yoga breathing.  My body seems happier the more yoga I do.

Let me know if you try any yoga and how it makes you feel.



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