Video Games They Come and They Go

I have not been playing video games since before Christmas,  I let my World of Warcraft subscription expire for the first time since I started playing.  Playing WoW felt more like a job than a game. 

I have started a new character in Star Wars the Old Republic, it is a free to play game so no monthly subscription, bonus.  Downside to being free to play means you do not get all the quest rewards and your leveling is slower.  I may subscribe just for the storyline.  The storyline is suppose to worth it.

I do miss playing with my friends.  I do not play on Xbox as we only have one of those and most of the games the hubs and sons play give me motion sickness.

I also have less car entertainment as I am not listening to WoW Podcasts either.  Amazing how much of my life had WoW in it.

Maybe for a bit I will concentrate on Yoga and lifting weights…………..It does not give me the social aspect, however; it does make me a happier, healthier human.

I am reading lots of books and spending time with the dogs on the couch.  This is probably a good thing as we are all a little depressed since the lost of our beautiful girl.

Do you have a favorite video game you no longer play?  What do you do to keep playing video games?



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