I have been MIA for the past week due to a vacation the hubs and I took to California.  It has been about 2 years since we took a week off, usually it is a few days here and a few days there.  This week was really needed.

We left on January 2 drove about halfway stayed the night then drove the rest of the way on Sunday.

Monday we went exploring and found a beach to spend some time.  Then found a dog beach for the boys to run and play on.  Amazingly Chief loved the surf.  He would play and run in it like a puppy.

minion beach clint water

Tuesday it rained.  I took the boys for a walk every morning.  This morning we got soaked.  The poor hubs had a migraine this morning so we spent the early part of the day letting him recover.  The later part we went to Hearst Castle, took the Grand Rooms tour and was so impressed.  Then we went to see the elephant seals. 

elephant seals

Wednesday it rained again.  We took it easy and just spent time on the beach, relaxing and not doing much.  For Dinner we wanted seafood so we went to Cracked Crab a wonderful seafood restaurant in Pismo Beach.  We had a seafood bucket for 2.  Dungeness crab, Shrimp and Clams cooked with sausage and potatoes then dumped on your table.

crusty crab

Thursday it was nice for part of the day and rainy for part.  So back to the beach for us, see a pattern here?  Then for the afternoon we went to the disc golf park that was right next door to the hotel.  This area has a Farmers Market year round so Thursday night off to the farmers market we went.

 discgolf cali

Friday we took a hummer tour on the beach.  I started out not wanting to go, in the end I had a blast!  Then we had dinner with family at a Mexican restaurant in San Luis Obispo.

hummer tour

We drove home Saturday and Sunday then back to real life.  We had so much fun.



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