Post Christmas Fun

I hope everyone reading this had a very merry Christmas. 

We certainly did.  We spent Christmas Eve with the family, then Christmas day just the two of us and the dogs snuggled in at the house while it snowed.  Who could ask for a better way to spend Christmas?

Minion that little escape artist found another way out of the yard, so yesterday we fixed that hole in our fence, then off to Montrose to eat lunch at Himalayan pun hill restaurant.  They have the best chicken curry I have ever tasted.

After lunch we were off to see……………… you can guess…………..


We got tickets early, good thing too as it was almost a sold out house.  No spoilers here.  I loved the movie. I want to see it again.  I also want to watch some of the older ones to remember more of the story line. 

JJ Abrams did an incredible job with the movie.  There is some laughter and some sadness, it makes you feel.  That is a great movie.

Hope you get a chance to go see it.



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