IPad Games

I have mostly been gaming on my IPad.  My poor PC is feeling lonely and unloved.  The dogs like it better as I usually sit on the couch with my IPad, then we get to cuddle.

I started playing Gems of War on the Xbox.  That game system belongs to the hubs so I searched iTunes and found it there as well.  It is an interactive questing system that involves matching 3.  You get to recruit followers that aid in your quests.

gems of war

It is a fairly fun game, however; it seems advancing requires money and/or huge time commitments. 

Another game along the same vein is Puzzle Quest 2. You do not get followers, instead you build your character up more like an RPG.  It still involves match 3 and quests.  Movement is a little clunky, screen load time is not a problem.  It appears you can’t out level your opponents, as you level up so do they.  That makes the harder opponents always harder and luck plays a huge roll in you finishing that questline.


Of the two I have enjoyed Puzzle Quest 2 more. 

Maybe Gems of War is better played on Steam.  I will try other platforms and see if one works better.

Are you playing any IOS games?



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