Let’s Talk about Deodorant


A few years ago I gave up wearing antiperspirant.  This has led to a plethora of stinky days.

I have tried

  • baking soda – I get huge and I mean huge boils from that.  Ouch!
  • coconut oil – stinky
  • Tom’s of Maine – meh  
  • made by me – meh
  • the Crystal – works good but leaves a residue in the sink
  • Natural made by someone else – very pricey and can still cause irritation in the armpit area

Then I read a blog about deodorant and tried it.  Alcohol.  Not the rubbing kind the drinking kind.  We had Vodka in the house and tried it.  Put in a spray bottle, four squirts under each arm and see how the day goes.   Vodka worked great for the hubs but, not so much for me.  Off to the liquor store I went and purchased Everclear. 

This appears to be the best option for me.  A little Everclear in my armpits every day and even when I workout the stink will not kill anyone.

Do you use natural deodorant or antiperspirant?



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