Blizzcon Baby

This weekend was Blizzcon the mostly annual conference held by Blizzard in Anaheim for it’s growing list of games.  Nerds from around the globe gather to see live esports and meet developers and fellow nerds.  For those unable to attend there is a virtual ticket, this allows folks to watch from the comfort of their couches.  That is how I attend Blizzcon.

Blizzard has a growing list of games

The Con starts at 11 am on a Friday and continues until a live concert Saturday night.  There are many parties and meet and greets held at night after the con is over.  Some of these parties you can watch via Twitch TV a live streaming video platform. 

The hubs took the day off and I left work early to watch the con.  Last time we watched we were able to stream it from my iPad to the TV via a cable connection.  Unfortunately, my iPad had a run in with some water, this ended the iPad to my dismay.  We had a good run my  iPad and I.    I did purchase another iPad, however; the connectors are not the same size.  To enable us watching the con on the big screen TV vs. my monitor the hubs and I made 2, yes 2 trips to the local Wal-Mart to find the right adapters.  Did we succeed you ask?  Why no, not in the least.  Instead we moved my tower closer to the fireplace and ran an HDMI cable from it to a TV sitting on our coffee table.  Talk about a screen happy room.  I am glad no one came over to witness our geeky set up. 

We were able to enjoy both the panels and the esports aspects of Blizzcon.  The concert to finish off the con was Linkin Park.  Such an AMAZING concert.  Watching live was incredible, I image being there was even more of a rush. 

Thank you Blizzard for a great gaming weekend.



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