Spoiling the Hubs

I am looking for an Xbox One for the hubs.  Both sons have one and they could stay in touch by playing together.

 xbox one

I have found this one at either Wal Mart or Amazon.  As you all know I like a good bargain.  This means I am shopping around for the best deal with the most add-ons. 

You need to have an Xbox Live account to play with others and to get access to the free games Microsoft has available each month.

xbox live

As you can see a years membership is $59.99 if bought at one time otherwise it is $9.99 a month.  I refuse to spend more money on a monthly subscription.  I went on a mission to find a better deal.  Amazon has it available for 43.28.   That is a great deal, not the one I took.  EBay gave a much better deal $34.50, this comes out to about $2.85 per month. 

Now if I could just find as good a deal on the Xbox One.  The hubs would be spoiled. 

The hubs worries about monopolizing the TV while playing on the Xbox, my thoughts are I will just read my books.   Having an Xbox would give him access to more games, when he doesn’t find any great deals on Steam then he would have Xbox live marketplace to look as well.

Do you know of any good deal sites to check?  Let me know.



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