I love water.  You probably know this as I have had a pool in the past.  This year we did not do a pool.  We saved our dollars and waited for a good deal on a hot tub.  New hot tubs are super expensive and or super ugly if they are the cheapskate model. 

The hubs and I went to all the spa places in Grand Junction looking for the tub we wanted.  One place took my name and number in case a used one came through.  Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later my phone rang and they had a used tub for me to look at. 

I looked, I put down a deposit and waited patiently, who am I kidding I was impatient as hell. A week later it was up and running and I got to see the tub with water in it.  They took all my cash and we waited for the cover to arrive for delivery.

We got to pick the cover color, brand new, steps came included.  It has 36 jets, 2 motors and a blower a stereo and speakers.  My favorite part is the jets for my feet and calves.  Heaven!

The hot tub was delivered this past Thursday and immediately broke and we had to get a part replaced.  I did not get to sit in it on Thursday it was still too chilly by 930 when I went to bed.  Hello Friday!  After work we made friends.  Oh how glorious!  This weekend is the be in the tub as much as possible until Monday morning.   Now I am off for my morning soak after my morning yoga.  Such a great way to start the day.

hot tub Isn’t she beautiful?

hot tub 2 See those foot jets?

Enjoy your Sunday!



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