Healthy Body


To achieve my goal of living life as a healthy girl gamer, I need to exercise.  I have been doing a mix of bodyweight exercises and kettlebells.  Kettlebells are by far my favorite.  I really enjoy gaining strength and learning new movements with the kettlebells.  My wish would be for there to be a kettlebell coach in my area.  As I live in nowhere close to a large city Western Colorado my wish is in vain.

kettlebell photobomb These are my kettlebells, with a photobomb from Chief.  He likes to exercise with me.

There are lots of great video programs out there, however; I worry about my form.  Only a coach can help with form, my head space only goes so far.  I try to remember all the steps mentioned in books or videos as I workout but, I know i am missing the small cues. 

Damn you YouTube for all your great videos!  As I mentioned before I am doing Yoga with Adriene, I found her on YouTube, I am really enjoying adding in some yoga to my workouts.  As I have gotten older I find my flexibility to be be lower, yoga is helping me with this. 

I watch videos of street calisthenics and am amazed at what the human body can do.  I am working on my pullup and pushup abilities, those alone will probably take me a year to master correctly.  Damn you YouTube for showing me great ways to improve my health or possibly get hurt. 

I want to be a healthy, mobile old lady someday so I am in this for the long haul,  I want my progress to be sustainable. 

How do you stay healthy?



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