Gaming from the Steam Store

I am currently playing Don’t Starve.  This is a survival game with elements of science and magic.  You play as Maxwell, a gentleman that has been thrown into this strange world and forced to survive by his wits.  You have to harvest food to eat, chop trees for wood,  mine rocks to make axes, shovels and picks.  This game makes you think on your feet and dodge spiders, hunt for food.  I have survived to day 12 by pure luck.  Now I have to figure out how to keep myself safe.  Build a garden, fence and maybe a structure so I don’t get eaten.



There is an mmo version of this game in beta Don’t Starve Together.    This is a game the hubs and I can play together. In fact I bought the Don’t Starve package from Steam.  This included the original Don’t Starve, and two copies of Don’t Starve Together.  This way I was able to gift one copy to the hubs. 

The couple that plays together stays together, right?  It is a good thing we like many of the same things. 

What games are you currently playing?



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