Fall Chores

Our city does a fall clean-up meaning the city sends people out to each house to collect whatever junk is still left after the cities residents have gone through it. 

fall cleanup

The hubs ran the chainsaw and I was the grunt labor moving tree limbs to the front yard.  It was quite a workout. I always say I want a sled to put weights on and pull behind me.  Well all I had to do was keep a few tree limbs and I would have a green sled, 

The backyard looks so much better.  Now we can mow and even put in a sprinkler system without getting jabbed in the eye with branches.  The dogs will enjoy the fruits of our labor as I am sure there is a hole in the fence from where a tree was growing.

Fall is a great time of year to snuggle in and start wearing sweats again.  Cool mornings and leaves changing color nothing better. 

minion and smoo Sometimes we just need to cuddle with our best friends.

Enjoy these early days of fall.



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