The first day of fall was this past Wednesday. Where did summer go? I find it hard to believe it is almost October. Western Colorado also has a hard time believe it as yesterday and today the temps are in the mid 90’s.

Yesterday I spent the day with my boys.  I love hanging out with them.  We went to Grand Junction for the son to get an eye exam and glasses, out to lunch at Red Lobster for the endless shrimp.  The boys got some new cigars.  We came back to town met up with the girlfriend and played a round of disc golf.  It felt good to get back outside throwing some discs.

Friday morning I sneezed and pulled a muscle in my back….is that a sign that I am getting old?  Probably.  To promote movement I used some absorbine, did some yoga for back pain and used ice.  That is probably the only reason I was able to throw discs yesterday.  Today I did some more yoga, Yoga with Adriene  is a great series. Check out her site if you are interested in starting yoga.  She covers the basics to get you started either before you go to a studio or if you just want to practice at home.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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