Morning Visitor

A little over a week ago I had another surgery to help eliminate some more endometriosis.  I was in recovery mode last week. 

On Tuesday morning I woke then went to the bathroom and sat to pee.  There was some scuffling sounds behind the toilet.  I looked for the dogs and they were still in the doorway, the toilet brush started to shake.  I hurriedly wiped, moved to the counter to get my contacts in. I had one in when something jumped out from behind the toilet.  I was thinking what could it possibly be?  Large mouse? Rat?  Nope a frog. It is hopping all over the bathroom, I am still trying to get my other contact in.  I grab my toothbrush and toothpaste then close the door, almost on the poor frog. 

After cleaning my teeth, priorities right, I got a box thinking of getting him in it and taking him outside.  Such hilarity ensued.  The box had a lid attached, I would get the frog in the box against the wall and no way to get the lid on.  I tried again in the corner, he hopped right out.  He would hop down the hall then turn around and go back to the bathroom. 

I finally decided to use a towel.  Amazing! It worked.  I picked him up, he just sat there and stopped moving. I wrapped him up so he would not jump out, took him outside and let him go.


It is a fair distance from the door to the bathroom.  I was wondering if he came in the dog door?  We have had lots of crickets this year, maybe he was looking for dinner, followed one in then got lost and searched out water.  Just a theory as I will never know.  If one of the dogs had brought it in I would imagine it would not be hopping as well as it was.

I love that life is never boring.



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