Disc Golf Family Fun

Yesterday the hubs and I participated in our first disc golf tournament. The adult kids were also there as this is their group of friends.  This tournament was held in in memory of DJ one of the members who passed away.  This was the first annual, so there will be more.  Any money raised was going to a local high school student for college.  It was a great cause and I got to spend the day with my family.

The boys were all divided up into groups of 4 for the first round, second round divided them by the score from the first round.  There were only 3 girls so we played together for both rounds.  All my men played in different groups for round one, round two the hubs and son were together.  I got to play with a beautiful daughter-in-law, lucky me.

The afternoon was hard.  It was hot and my arm was tired.  I lost a disc into deep, disgusting water, oh well.  The daughter-in-law won our division, I was probably third.  This is last I know but, for my first tournament throwing a 58 is not bad.  I have room for improvement.




I am so proud to have supported such a great tournament, and I had fun during it.    Thanks family for a great day!



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