Summer Games

I am still a World of Warcraft fan girl.  I have extended my appreciation to other Blizzard games.

Screenshot2015-08-16 07_35_25 Currently, this is my favorite character for Heroes of the Storm.  I am enjoying this MOBA game, although I still only play against the A.I.  As soon as I have 2 characters to level 10 I will jump into a game with real people.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-16-15 07.34.16 I let my Hearthstone game lapse for a while and now I am trying to play catch up.  I am attempting to get my hunter to level 20.  I hit 14.5 yesterday. 

Between work, raiding, disc golf and household stuff I do not have enough time to level all the games I want to.  I decided to do little bits at a time and see how it goes.  Maybe one will stick out as a favorite or I will like them all equally and get more variety in my gaming.

WoWScrnShot_081615_073547 This is currently my favorite game and my favorite toon. 

What games are you playing this summer?



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