Cleaning Beeswax

It has been 2 weeks of intermittent internet. Which is why there was no post last week.  For a mmo gamer that is a problem of epic proportions. In our house the internet is our entertainment, TV, music, games and for me downloading books to read.  No internet means we run around the house screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”  then I call the internet company and want to pull out my hair.

The internet company will send someone out on Tuesday, however; not at a convenient time, like after I get home from work.  Oh no, it has to be M-F 8-5.  This means either the hubs or I have to take time off to be home for the cable guy.  At least maybe the internet will be stable after that.  Total first world problems here.

Last weekend I started to clean up the beeswax.  This project is teaching me patience.beeswax2 If you think the water is cool enough, wait another hour.  Your sinks will thank you and so will your hubs if he has to clean out the drain because you were hyper about wanting to continue cleaning the wax.    It is not a very involved process, however; it requires patience. 

Put the wax in water, heat the water to boiling, turn off burner, wait for it to solidify.  Pour water elsewhere repeat for 2-3 more times then last time for final clean pour wax through cheesecloth.  I am not so good at the waiting for the wax to cool part of this cycle.  I do have another tub of wax to improve my patience on.

If I get enough beeswax I have candles to make.  I am looking forward to that.  Bet it will require more patience. 

Do you use beeswax for anything?



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