I love to read a good book.  Back in the day before the kindle, I would browse the book aisle at the store and try to remember which book in a series I have read.  A bookstore could mean an entire day just looking.  To me books are magical.  They take you away.  They give you knowledge.  They help you dream.

With my kindle I am much weirder about buying books.  I never remember what series I am reading.  I jump from series to series.

I have read most of the Sookie Stackhouse series, The Morganville Vampire series I am just starting.  I have read some of the Vampire Academy series. I love the writing style and easy read of Robyn Carr both the Thunder point series and the Virgin River series.

Then I found Goodreads and my wish list just keeps growing and growing.  More great books, more recommendations. My biggest issues is paying so much for a digital copy.  I try to use the library when I can, however; they never have the entire series available.  First world problems right?

What are you reading?



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