Dem Bees

Three weeks ago the hubs spent a day harvesting honey.  That stuff is so good.  Hard to believe our bees can create such goodness. 

Then on Thursday night I was standing outside and glanced at the hive and saw this

bee hive

The hubs checked the hive and we figured either they were hot, it was over 100 degrees here for many days in a row, or they were getting ready to swarm.  If they swarm we will not get as much honey for the rest of the year, however; they may become nicer. Our bees are very hive aggressive.  We added the other super and decided we needed to harvest this weekend.

Yesterday we started the harvest. 

honey part 2

This was just 4 frames harvested.  We did harvest all 10 and realized that was a huge mistake.  Those defender bees knew where their honey went to and stayed very mad at us all day.  Even one of the dogs got stung late in the day.  Next time we will leave some honey behind so hopefully the bees do not get so out of control angry.  My neighbors may have issues if they get stung.


Unfortunately you can not see all the angry bees in this pic, take my word for it they were following him in droves.  It took probably over 30 mins for them to leave him alone enough so he could come in the house.

This may be a nectar heavy year.  I plan to take advantage of this as much as possible.  I love my honey.



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