My Furbabies

Bruin is 16 years old this week.   She is an amazing little dog.  One eye is blind, she can’t always hear but, what a trooper she is.  Demands attention when she wants it and sleeps the rest of the time.  She still plays a little with Minion. We had her parents so, I was there when she was born.  The time sure flies.  She no longer likes to leave the house for car rides or long walks, I bet when I am here age I will feel the same.


Amber is 11 years old this year and for a bigger dog that is amazing.  She has some arthritis and she snores, overall she appears to be in good health.  She is always happy, that is an attitude I need to adopt.


Minion is of course the youngest.  He loves car rides, especially with the window down. Disc golf, for the chance to run and catch things.  He is very dedicated to having a tennis ball thrown so he can return it and do it again, and again, and again. 


Chief is Chief.  He is an amazing dog with a loud whine/bark/yodel for his people when they come home. He is very dedicated to his people and tolerates the other dogs.


My furbabies make my world a better place.

Do you have furbabies? 




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