Garden Done!


Yesterday was a long and tiring day.  Got up, super early thank you Minion, exercised and then planted 20 more strawberry plants.  Last years strawberries are doing so well we figured to add more to eliminate even more weeds.

After the hubs woke up we started our working day.  Off to Ace hardware to get our plants and some more weed barrier.  Branched out this year and got a watermelon, fingers crossed it grows well here.  Then off to the gravel company to get 3/4” screened gravel to start building the container gardens. 

We used horse troughs and put some wood at the bottom, covered it in the gravel.  Then back to the gravel company to get the dirt.  Back to the house and then filled the troughs the rest of the way with the dirt. 

Then planted all the plants we purchased.  Back to the hardware store for more items for the watering system for the container gardens.  I got some more herbs as well because they were there begging to be put in the ground. 

Back to the house, planted the rest then got a shower and the kid showed up and conned me into a game of disc golf. 

Such a busy day.  The garden is done.  Such an accomplishment.  I have to plant some onions and seeds into the containers but, I will get that done this week,


garden images

Enjoy your week!



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