I am still playing World of Warcraft…………maybe not as much as I used to but, the game is 10 years old and I have to diversify.

Our guild/raid team just slowly melted away.  All the people that I have played wow with over the years are now doing something else.   Because of that I transferred my resto druid to another server.  To join a large guild and put myself out there as a healer looking for raids.  I did get to raid with a fun group of people on Tues.  We did not kill a boss, however; we did unintentionally clear lots of heroic trash.  I am hoping I get invited back…..if not then hopefully there is another team out there looking for a healer.

I am also playing some SWTOR.  One of my friends went back there and with all the hype surrounding the movie this coming Christmas  Star Wars the video game may see some new players.

I am getting outside and playing lots of disc golf.  So glad the kids made us go with them.  The hubs and I have been out a few times on our own and every weekend we get together with the son to play at least 9 holes.  Yesterday I was sick and it was raining, I was a tired, disgruntled puppy but, pushed through and finished all 9… the mud. 

disc golf This was the hubs and two dogs last week before the weather turned to snow and fog.  This is a game we can play anywhere and it gets us out of the house and walking some.

I have not heard of any new MMO’s on the horizon and some of the free to play just aren’t really free to play.  I understand that the companies want to make money after all that is why they are in business, some of the practices of charging for every little upgrade or bag space just seems overkill to me.  If you hear of a new game let me know.

Do you disc golf?



2 thoughts on “Games

  1. Hey, Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn is a really good MMO, its not free to play but its well worth the subscription and its first expansion pack is out in a few months too!

    As for wow though blimey haven’t touched that in yeeeaarrrss

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