Biggest Bully I know…………..


Have you ever noticed that there is a bully in your life?  This bully has been with us for as long as we can remember and we should all do something about it.   Our self talk is the biggest bully around.  How often do we say good things to ourselves?  Never or rarely right?  It is time to put an end to this. 

beautiful These are the words we need to focus on. 

worth it These need to be our new self talk and not all the negative. 

you can I like these words much better than the I can’t, I am not worthy, I am ugly.  We as people need to start treating our selves better.  We would never speak to another person the way we talk to ourselves.  It is time to be nicer to the one person that is the only one we will get.

Let us love ourselves.

You all know I listen to lots of podcasts on my drive, I have recently found one by Nia Shanks the Lift Like a Girl podcast.  She talks about motivation and how we should be the “most awesome us we can be.” 

be the best So here is my mantra for the week to see if I can stop the negative self talk.  

If you get a chance follow that link to some of the best information out there on the web, then go be the BEST you possible.

How do you avoid negative self talk?



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