Busy Weekend Fun


Last weekend I missed a post due to too much activity.  OH my GOSH!  What a busy weekend.

The Hubs, BIL, SIL and myself went to Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary and spent the day tiling a 20’ x 18’ office.  The boys did most of the hard work of laying the tile, the SIL and I were the grunt labor, moved tile boxes moved furniture if needed, grabbed beer for the guys, stood around looking pretty that was the hardest job.  By 5pm we were still not finished with the job but, finished for the day.  We anticipate going back this next Saturday.


We both brought some of our dogs and they were great little helpers.  My minion could jump through that window like a pro.  By the end of the day he was sitting on the windowsill watching.  Teddy is a BCAS alum, he was a little freaked out going back there probably thinking his people don’t want him anymore.  He probably felt great relief when they drove away for the day.

We then got back home to a house full of adult children for a night of cards and alcohol.

card night

We had pollo asada, which had been cooking all day in the Crockpot, beer and family time.  I love spending time with the kids.  We also played Cards Against Humanity.  Check it out and know that it is the most fun game.  I laughed so hard my sides hurt.  We all stayed up late then got up fairly early on Sunday.  Went out to brunch, then came back home so the kids could pack up their stuff like the 3 room tent in the backyard.  Yes really a 3 room stent, my son camps in style.  Then it was off to the park to play Disc Golf.  The hubs was feeling sore and was generally grumbly about going, I made the decision to go.  I am so glad I pushed us to go with the kids as we might have found a new outdoor exercise/entertainment.

After all that excitement we went home and just lazed and played video games.

Do you have busy weekends?



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