Little of this and Little of that


This week has been very productive. 

Remember our Christmas tree?  Well it got planted this week.  Now it is a happy dirt loving tree.

planted tree 

I cleaned up the strawberry bed.  Lots of dead weeds and goat heads.  Hate those darn things.  Most of the strawberries survived the winter, and they have offspring.

My coworkers birthday is this week so I made her some shower scrubs.   Coconut oil and ground coffee mixed together then frozen.  Great shower scrubs with a wonderful scent to get the morning going.

I know I need to eat more veggies, some days it is hard to do.  This week my attempt was brussel sprouts cooked in butter for my breakfasts, they go really well with bacon and eggs.  I usually eat in the car on my way to work so I need finger foods.  Brussel sprouts qualify. 

Do you have any ideas to add more vegetables to your diet?




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