Fun in the Sun


Yesterday the hubs and I took a drive to Ouray.  The drive was pretty, not much snow, different scenery which is always good.  We went to lunch at Buen Tiempo best Mexican restaurant in Ouray.  They serve the best margaritas, which I did stay away from as it was lunch and I wanted to stay awake.

Spinach Enchiladas
A customer favorite at the Buen Tiempo. Two fresh blue corn tortillas filled with spinach, spices, sour cream and cheeses. Topped with your choice of Chimayo red or green chile. Served with arroz, black beans and pico de gallo. Add beef or chicken.  Straight from their menu. 

The hubs and I each had an order his smothered in green chili mine was smothered in red like a delicious enchilada should be.  So wonderful.

After lunch we went to Ouray Hot Springs.  It was not overly crowded, great weather, sunny day with minimal clouds.  Of course Cheri forgot to get any pictures, bonehead.  The Ouray hot springs is sulfur-free.  This is valuable information if you wear your wedding rings into pools as the sulfur can affect the prongs and damage them. 

On a side note as we drove through Ridgeway the city sign said “home of the Grammy”  I was a little perplexed so goggled it this am and low and behold  The Grammy trophy is assembled by hand at Billings Artworks in Ridgeway Colorado.  Amazing stuff  you can learn during a drive.

Hope you had a great Saturday



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