Healthy Nail Polish

If you have been a reader for longer than a year you know I am trying to get healthier.  One way was to eliminate as many chemicals out of our lives as possible.  No hairspray, antiperspirant, lotion, shampoo, dishwashing soap and the list can go one.  One of the things I miss the most is painted nails. Painted nails in the right length just look girly to me.  Some days I miss being girly, perfume, smelly lotion, make-up.   Now I did debate the gel nails, one of my co-workers has them and they always look beautiful.  She gets art or sparkles and makes me jealous. Her theory is that is her pamper for the month, makes sense to me.   Then I look at their ingredients and change my mind.  So off to find some polish.

Looking at some of the ingredients in nail polish like phthalates, toluene, and formaldehyde.  Not all polishes have them or they are in small amounts, however; over time is it good for us?  That is always my question.

Recently I have found Zoya a great nail polish without the above three and also without camphor or formaldehyde resin.  It seems a little pricey until you think about the less harmful ingredients then I am like ok, one bottle a month.

If you have access to a melaleuca person (not sure what to call them) then you can get some very pretty colored polish with a better ingredient list.  The polish lasted me about a week with few chips.

Butter London is a pricier polish yet still makes the list of better for you.

I am off to purchase more polish then paint my nails to make them pretty for the week.

Do you polish?  With one of the above or different ones?  Let  me know.



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