Saturday went to the Dogs


Really the hubs and I volunteered at Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary.  This is such a wonderful place for dogs.  They have a cat rescue in another town.  Debbie is the person/owner/proprietor of this amazing place.  She currently has about 40- 50 dogs in all stages of rescue. Some will be adopted out, others will live out their lives at the sanctuary.    Meeting her and watching how she interacts with all the dogs and how they love her is incredible.

I love to volunteer it does my heart and soul good to give back.  That being said I became a little overwhelmed with Bountiful Baskets, they do great things for food and nutrition, however; after 2 years I needed a change.  I stepped down as a volunteer coordinator and looked for another outlet for my volunteering.  My SIL was the person to point out Black Canyon to me.  Her and her oldest volunteer there.  The hubs was willing to go with me to also volunteer that was a bonus. 

Some of the dogs are feral, they literally will not let you pet them.  Others are love bugs and want nothing but your time.  One beautiful large dog kept leaning into me to get closer.  Others argued over who was the bottom of the pack.  Barking happens but, fights are infrequent. Some dogs run the property, others are in kennels and still others have “their” space.  Debbie knows all their names and their pedigrees and all I can say is WOW, she is incredible.  As Debbie says they all have a story.

We tried 2 weeks ago to help and she had the flu, then last week the hubs and I had the flu, finally this weekend no one was sick and away we went.  We met the dogs and interacted with the puppies, then off to do some work.  What else do you have new untested volunteers do but pick up dog poop?  So poop patrol was us.  There are many different pens for the dogs, not all get along and  the little ones are separated from the big ones.  We were in the large dog area where many blankets were shredded and many piles of poop needed attention.

dog sanctuary

It was a beautiful day.  We bagged about 4 bags of poop.  The enclosure looked much better when we left and we made plans to return and volunteer again.  I left knowing that I had made a difference.  I have no idea how Debbie does it without volunteers.  She is amazing!

I love dogs and am thankful that I was able to give a little of my time. 



2 thoughts on “Saturday went to the Dogs

  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi, Cheri, it’s Cheryl here, Debbie’s long-time volunteer. Thanks so much for coming down to BCAS with your husband and picking up the big dog yard. I know that’s quite a job and needed done bad! I’m sure you and all the pooches enjoyed each other, too. I know I spend half my time cleaning and the other half petting and loving doggies.

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