Winter Flu

Here in the wonderful land of Colorado the temps are spring like 65 most days last week.  This means when you get the flu it feels more like spring than winter.  Flu is pretty rampant here.  I became sick on late Sunday night and the Hubs got my viral infection on Thursday.  This is a bad strain, he also had a migraine with his initial flu symptoms.  Not sure if it was the migraine, the flu or a combo of both but they made him mean.  Usually he will answer and just decline all offers of help not so much this time.  Ladies beware of the mean flu and how your man may react.

I have gotten through this week with zinc and probiotics.  By Friday I felt so much better except for the darn cough.  That little guy appears to be a hanger-on. 

I am off to try and take care of the hubs. 

Have a great Sunday.

Happy Super Bowl day!



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