I woke up this am and was just going to write a short note along the lines of “meh no ideas see you next week.”  Then I exercised, that led me to think I should tell you what I am doing exercise wise now. 

This was not a New Year’s resolution more a get back into the things I enjoy.  I enjoy lifting heavy things.  Unfortunately, I gave my weight set to the son when I got a gym membership to Anytime Fitness, I was so excited to see a gym come to my town I did not research very well.  They have lots of cardio machines and weight machines, not so much pull-up bars, free weights and kettlebells.  My two years is up next month, hooray!  I will be purchasing more kettlebells and free weights with the money I no longer spend on a gym I do not go to.

I recently found Jen Sinkler and her workout program Lift Weights Faster.  I got the program from a deal on Paleo Parents.  You know this cheap a$$ prefers to never pay full price.  Jen is coming out with Lift Weights Faster 2 in March.

I am also using Enter the Kettlebell to learn how to safely, effectively, and consistently use kettlebells.  The current workout I do is either 5 mins of Turkish-get-ups, or 10 mins of kettlebell swings and jumping rope.  Who knew those two things could seriously kick your butt.  I am aiming for 4-5 workouts a week right now 2 Turkish-get-ups, two swings and ropes and one from Jen Sinkler.

Amazingly I did have a bit to say today.  Get out there and get some exercise.   




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