Video Games


I have found a new game to play The Last Remant by Square EnixSquare Enix has developed such titles as Final Fantasy and the iconic Tomb Raider.   Obviously Square Enix makes some incredibly fun games.  This newest entry into the game market was released in 2009.  I came by it on the Steam winter sale.  Great games at killer prices, that is a win for this frugal gal.

So far it is a great engaging storyline with developed character detail.  I play on the PC with a controller from the Xbox.  I am enjoying this game very much.  You play a young boy Rush, looking for his sister, who has been kidnapped.  Many fights ensue and lots of dialogue and cut scenes.  This game is an role-playing game or more commonly known as RPG.  I have so many less issues playing this type of game than the first person shooter-FPS- games that make me nauseous.

According to How Long to Beat The Last Remant is a fairly long game………

Screenshot (2)

I will be playing this one for a while.

Do you get any games from the Steam winter sale? 



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