Post Christmas, Christmas

How was your Christmas?  Mine was spent in my jammies watching Harry Potter.

The son’s gf had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day,  we decided to have Christmas together on Sunday.   The actual day was spent watching the Harry Potter marathon, the son came over and had dinner with us.  It was a great day.

For our Christmas together we are having smoked ham,  creamy garlic potatoes, salad, pumpkin pie and Jell-O salad. Simple dinner to spend more time with the loved ones.

For the Jell-O salad – it needs a new name –

  • Yogurt – should be Greek
  • Cool Whip
  • Vanilla Pudding
  • Raspberries either fresh or frozen

jello salad

step one

step one – mix yogurt and pudding together

step two

step two mix cool whip and raspberries, in place of cool whip you can refrigerate a can of coconut milk over night and then whip it and use it.  Makes this healthier and more paleo.


ready for consumption.

I made this for the work potluck this week and we came up with other alternatives.

  • lemon pudding with blueberries
  • banana pudding with strawberries and bananas
  • chocolate yogurt, chocolate pudding and strawberries

Can you think of any other good combinations?  Let me know



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