Christmas Trees

Everyone that knows me knows that we have not had a Christmas tree since Christmas of 2000.  That year we got an artificial tree and it was up until Christmas day when the hubs finally hated it enough that he picked it up and tossed it out the front door.  Lights, tinsel, bulbs and all.  Later that day it got wrapped in a shower curtain and thrown in the dumpster.  That was the last year we lived in Gunnison.  The next year in Delta we moved into our new home right after the new year so no point in putting up a tree just to pack it up immediately.  And that is how the tradition began, mostly we did not decorate, small items here and there.  We did have one of those really ugly tinsel light up tress, pull it out of the box every year and it looks just like it did when we put it in the year before. 



We have a live tree, now I do not mean it was once alive then cut for my decorating purpose.  Nope it has roots and everything it needs to be planted outside to grow into a beautiful memory.

How is your decorating done?



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