Christmas Gift Making

It is that time of year again when  Christmas gifts are made.  I have 2 projects I am working on right now.  One of them is peppermint sugar scrub.


Ingredients are Sugar, peppermint essential oil and, candy canes.  I tried to use this bag …..

bad ideas cute bag, bad idea. 

Something happened with the scrub and overnight it became clumpy.  Now there is no humidity in my house so not sure if closing them tight caused a problem but, I rectified it.

good peppermint

Much better presentation, you can see the lines of candy cane and the white sugar.

Crushing the candy canes presented quite a problem.  Triple Ziploc bags, meat mallet and the sidewalk.  This still left small chunks.  Next came the rolling pin.  Messy but mission accomplished. 

Now off to fix the other 14 …..sigh  cause I just can’t do it right the first time.

Do you make Christmas gifts?



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