Blizzard released their new game Warlords of Draenor  last Thursday.  the goal in this expansion is to reach level 100.  I did that by Wednesday of this week.  I took my time and enjoyed the questing.    There were some issues that first weekend.  Unfortunately Blizz got the DDOS hack that literally stopped thousands from logging in and playing the game.  Most gamers were understanding and waited patiently, others though expressed their internet troll side….. threats and violence abound on the forums, twitter and Facebook.  I know people took time off from work (so did I), however; that is not a reason to threaten violence. 

One of my friends has 3 toons at level 100, that man needs a life!  He is working on his fourth as I type this. 

I will get another toon to 100 will just take my time.  I love the questing, the lore and all the cut scenes.  Blizzard has done an incredible job with this expansion.  If things continue, meaning running dungeons does not make me want to reach through the comp and pull someones fingers off, then I will say this is the best expansion I have played.


This is my toon at her garrison.  This garrison allows  herbs to be picked , fish in a lake, mine ore, and have followers(minions) that I send out on missions to get me goodies.  All of the above happens in the garrison.  Kind of like a mini world just for one toon. Followers can be found all over the world, last night I got one from a fallen log, this helps to make questing fun. 

Thank you Blizzard for such a great expansion.  I have had lots of fun leveling and learning my new toon.



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