Minion’s World

This is what I came home to on Thursday

minion's world

I had just vacuumed on Wednesday. 

In my head this little dog has gotten a huge achievement by pulling an entire roll of toilet paper out of the bag, dragging it down the hall, then…..dun dun da!

ripping and shredding.  Throwing the paper in the air, rolling in it.  Spreading it all around the living room. 

This is the second time he has shredded an entire roll of tp.  The first was more confined to behind the couch.  This time there was a party.


He is the youngest, the littlest, and the most bratty.  I do love my little dog!  He is my rescue dog, maybe that is why he is just a little different than the others Winking smile.

He also destroys all stuffed animals, rips their innards out.  We have stuffed animal “blood” all over the house, never know where you will find the small bits of white.  Plastic toys also do not last long with him.  Pieces, small plastic pieces.

My furbabies make life interesting and fun.  Regardless of the mess they create.

Enjoy your weekend!



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