Social Media

Do you use social media? Facebook?  Twitter? Instagram?  Do you know all the ins and outs for each one?

My Facebook page for my blog here is sadly only about the blog.  I need help getting more traffic to there.  Not sure where to look for that help.  Do you know where to go? 

My Instagram account is funny.  Maybe 10 photos.  I did learn that you do not need a smartphone or a tablet for Instagram.  You can get an account on your computer and like and comment that way just not post pics.   I am Healthygrlgmer on instagram.  I recently joined a #FAllFreedom challenge that exclusively uses Instagram.  Should be fun to learn more about this form of social media and if I can mess it upSmile.

Twitter…………….  yes I have a twitter account.  If my smartphone had more data I believe I would like Twitter more than Facebook these days.  This is my twitter account. 

My husband feels like social media is the bane of existence.  All people do is hashtag and use shorthand.  No one spells or uses correct grammar and punctuation these days.  While this is true social media has also made the world a little smaller by letting us into lives across the world we would not normally see.

If you have any tips or tricks for my on these social media platforms please leave a comment Smile.

Have a wonderful Sunday!



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